Jean-Jacques Duval was born in Strasbourg, France. After World War II, he began his studies at Ecole des Arts Decoratif, Strasbourg, France. In 1950, Duval accepted an offer to design for a major stained glass studio in United States. In 1957 he opened his own studio in New York City. Today he lives and maintains his designs in a remote area of the Adirondack Mts. in Saranac, NY.  Natural forms have always interested Duval and his present environs provide a catalyst for his inspiration.

Duval was one of the first architectural stained glass designers in the United States to use Dalle De Verre. His unique powerful style in abstraction is furthered with this heavy thick glass.
"I can remember well the first time I saw the work of Jean - Jacques Duval. I was stuck by the bold juxtaposition of his colors and forms. Much emotion was there, but not sentimentality. I admired his sophistication of concept and expression. I remember thinking that this artist expresses my own religious sensitivity. The abstraction was universal, but I felt individual mysticism."
Betty H. Meyer Editor, Faith and Form Magazine.



First United Methodist Church
Saint Martin's Church
Vatican Pavillion World's Fair
B'Nai David
Mishkan Israel
Champlain Valley Physicians

Christ the King Lutheran Church
Church of Christ
Private Residence
Kasugai Mall Nagoya, Japan


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